Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Malaria Bites! Bite Back!

Yesterday I brought my youngest daughter to the doctor... again. This time to be tested for Malaria. She has had a fever for 7 of the past 9 days, and her symptoms look more like malaria than a cold or flu virus. When I told the nurse I wanted a malaria test, she absolutely freaked out. She stepped back, covered her mouth and asked if our daughter needed to be quarantined. Fortunately the doctor came into the room, and calmed her.

That nurse's reaction was indicative of the lack of awareness many people have about people living in developing countries. Malaria is transmitted by the bite of certain types of female mosquitoes that carry a parasite which causes the disease. The fact is, over 1 million people die every year from malaria, 90% of those deaths are children in Africa.

That is why Compassion International has developed the "Bite Back" program. This program provides bed nets that are treated with insecticides. This very effective program reduces the transmission of malaria by 90%. You can help support this program by visiting the link above, or by sponsoring a child in a developing country by clicking on this link: Compassion International

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  1. I'm loving your blogs. You have a big heart for that poor and oppressed and I think its awesome that you write about it and bring awareness to different issues. Would love your input on my blog, we write about similar topics and would love to hear what you think.